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We specialize in shipping boxes, and can ship 1 box or 100 boxes for you from Calgary at discounted rates to any location worldwide. Other companies would just turn their backs once they face special or challenging courier requests, but with Budget Box Guy, we go out of our way to help our Calgary clients find the best and most affordable solutions and supplies for their shipping needs.


We do not ship chesterfields, beds, or appliances, but if you can fit it in a box We will Save you Money on Shipping! Please CALL US NOW to find out if we have the right boxes and shipping supplies you need to send you items in Calgary or abroad!
We will Save you Money on Shipping!

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Affordable Courier Service and Shipping Companies in Calgary

Who says you have to spend huge bucks just to send your items locally or abroad? Why settle for companies that have limited options with shipping services? Here is Budget Box Guy, we specialize in courier services that are easy on the budget. We are one of the most competitively priced courier/shipping companies in Calgary who offer a wide-range of shipping supplies, services, and options for our Calgary customers. Why go to other shipping companies who charge you big time on shipping costs and supplies when you have Budget Box Guy ready to help you get the best and most economical way of shipping your items anywhere in the country or abroad. Other companies in Calgary might decline your account, but we'll go the extra mile to make sure you get to send what you need to anywhere in the world! That's our service guarantee to all our Calgary and international clients!

Unlike other companies, our shipping/courier services in Calgary also cover the sales of shipping supplies that you may need to make your move a more pleasant and convenient one. Other shipping/courier companies also buy their supplies from us because we have a complete line of shipping and courier supplies such as boxes, tapes, ropes, tags, and other economical shipping/courier containers.

Need a particular size for your box? Can't find the shipping service you want? Why not CALL US TODAY so we can let you know if we have the appropriate shipping supplies and boxes for your needs in Calgary. Other companies only have a few selections when it comes to their courier services, but here at Budget Box Guy, you get to choose from different courier/shipping containers, boxes, envelopes, and other supplies. Don't be limited with what you can get from other courier companies in Calgary. We are here to help you get the right and most affordable shipping service, supplies, and options so you can send your items safely and on time anywhere in the world!

Want to get the most affordable rates for your shipping/courier service? Looking for a courier service that fits more to your budget? Our people can help! CALL US TODAY so we can assist you faster!



Box Size Quantity Weight Destination Standard Cost Cost with Us $avings
2 Cube 18x15x12 10 250Lbs Vancouver $277.00 $175.00 $102.00
2 Cube 18x15x12 10 500Lbs Vancouver $553.00 $351.00 $202.00
2 Cube 18x15x12 10 250Lbs Edmonton $247.00 $156.00 $91.00
2 Cube 18x15x12 10 500Lbs Edmonton $295.00 $187.00 $108.00
2 Cube 18x15x12 10 250Lbs Winnipeg $277.00 $175.00 $102.00
2 Cube 18x15x12 10 500Lbs Winnipeg $553.00 $351.00 $202.00
2 Cube 18x15x12 10 250Lbs Toronto $312.00 $198.00 $114.00
2 Cube 18x15x12 10 500Lbs Toronto $622.00 $395.00 $227.00